TRISLIDE Product Review


I was very lucky this year to get support from SBR Sports. They make a series of products for athletes that I love! I use their shampoo, body wash, and conditioner after every swim and my hair has yet to turn green! Not only that, I swear my swimming suit has lasted longer because the soap gets the chlorine out of that as well.

One of their other products I have grown to love is TRISLIDE. It is a lubricant spray you can use to prevent chafing when working out. You may think this is only good for swimming in your wetsuit but that is not so! One of my favorite uses is to use it to keep from chafing on my long runs. I use it on my arms and thighs when I run long. What is great about it is it sprays on lightly but works for along time. It isn’t thick and sticky like some of the other chafing products can be. It works perfectly! With my wetsuit I use it on my wrists and neck to prevent chafing. It also helps get your suit off quickly when you are done.

They also just announced a new product called Dermasport. I am super excited to try the produce and let you know how it goes. My skin takes a beating with all the training I do in the pool, ocean, and sun. I am very excited to see how this product works.

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