SportTracks and Garmin – #KIS

FullSizeRenderThis is a good day. A very very good day. SportTracks has integrated with Garmin Connect! I am of the opinion to #KIS, keep it simple. I am very busy and I don’t have time to upload my data to many different sites. Not all activity tracking sites can do the same thing but if it takes me extra step to get my data in, I often wont bother. I really like SportTracks but until now it has been a separate upload from the upload process to Garmin (which you have to do regardless). They now have the functionality that allows for an automatic upload from Garmin to SportTracks! This is awesome! It is easy to set up and works seamlessly!

There is a cost to SportTracks, $59/year. I have worked with many different activity tracking sites; Garmin Connect, Strava, Training Peaks, Daily Mile, and SportTracks. Now that I don’t have to upload separately to SportTracks I will be going back to this site to monitor my training. It shows me what I want to see and it is easy to drill down to the data I want to see.

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