Ironman Arizona Gear Post


I use a Synergy Endorphin wetsuit. I have had this wet suit for almost two years. It has had a TON of use over the last 6 months since I was open water swimming every week. Love this suit! It is VERY reasonably priced, extremely durable, and very comfortable. Easy on and off and fits well in my neck. Not too high or too low. I had newer goggles for the swim. I had been swimming all year in Tyr Next Pros which I really like. I decided to try the Special Ops 2.0 before the race to see if liked them. They fit my face well and worked perfect on my swim!


DSC_0158 I ride a Cannondale Slice 5. She has been fully upgraded to all Ultegra components. I rode a 12/25 rear cassette. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. I ride Ultegra wheels with Hutchinson Road Fusion Tubeless tires. I ended up replacing both tires within a month of the race. I had ZERO problems on race day. Many people had flats during the race. I lucked out and had no problems at all. I have the Giro Air Attack helmet which I love! I crashed in this helmet in August and it did the job! This helmet works great for me. Comfy and cool and the visor works great as well. My main water bottle was a Torhans Aero 30. I filled it up twice during the ride. Tri Kit is from Coeur Sports. I have written about their triathlon kit before but let me tell you again just how amazing it is! The seam free chamois design works great for me. I have NO issues with chafing or discomfort. Even for 112 miles! The kit was extremely comfortable on the run as well. You can easily wear it all day with no problems. I will never do another tri with out their gear. They have some new patterns coming out at the new year!


I did not change any clothes. I just put on my running shoes and a visor. I am running in the Saucony Ride 7 right now. This is my third pair. They are a neutral shoes and work great for me. I used a SPI belt for my race bib as well as to hold some extra Cliff Shots. I have been using a SPI belt since 2011. They are awesome! DSC_0223 For data capture I have a Garmin 920 XT. It worked great. I didn’t push the lap button very well when I came out of the water so I goofed that transition but other than that it was great!

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