It seems appropriate that on the weekend of Thanksgiving I should thank many of the people who were involved in helping me achieve my goal in Ironman Arizona. These are in no articular order.

SBR Sports Inc.

I was lucky enough to get sponsorship from SBR this year. They make excellent body and hair care products, TRISWIM, for removing chlorine as well as TRISLIDE which is an excellent spray on lubricant that is great for wetsuits as well as protection from chafing when running. They very generously provided my with product all year and I went through a LOT of it. But in the end my hair didn’t turn green and I didn’t have any chafing marks to show for all of my training! YAY!!! They recently released a new product called Dermasport. I have been using it  for a month now and I love it! Expect a review soon.

My Coach, Jen Mathe

I made the decision early in the year that I wanted to use a coach to help get me to my goal of having a successful Ironman. After looking at the options I decided on Jen. It was the best decision I made for this race. She developed a comprehensive plan that helped me achieve a time I never imagined I could. We worked together from February until race day and when I do this again there is no way I won’t use her again. She did an amazing job and I can’t say it enough! If you are interested in getting coaching services please look her up!

My Family

My kids and parents had to put up with a lot during the last year. My parents were an amazing support system to help with cooking meals and watching my kids so I could get some of the training hours in. My kids had many a night where I couldn’t have a long bedtime cuddle with them because I had to get on my bike or I was sweaty from just getting done.  There were many Saturday morning breakfasts I missed because I was running or swimming. I truly hope that they remember this one day and are inspired to do something like this as well.

My Virtual Family

I ended up with a very strong support group ranging from friends online thru Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sources. There was an amazing group on Facebook for Ironman Arizona 2014 and I expect we will all be in touch for years to come. It was amazing how much motivation I drew from that group, as well as my other friends all over the world that were cheering for me.

My Everything, Stuart

I have been so lucky to find someone who I can truly call my best friend to spend my life with. Stuart has been, hands down, the most supportive person when it comes to my goals (both fitness and personal). He did everything he could to support me. The list includes (but is not limited to), kicking me out of bed to go workout, cooking and cleaning for me, taking care of the house, entertaining the kids, dropping the kids off at school, listening to me when I got discouraged but not letting me give up, and most of all believing in me. He put his goals on the back burner this year so I could achieve mine. I want to be a better person because of him.

I could never have done this without the many place I found support. I am a very lucky person!



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