Week 8 of 18 Ironman Boulder Training – Pump up the volume!

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.27.38 PMIt is amazing to think that the race will be here in lass than 10 weeks! Not planning a full year in advance for a race has its advantages! This week was shaken up my the fact that Tower 26 has started again! We were sue exactly when the first swim would be but I am happy to say I did some ocean swimming on Wednesday. I am surprised how much I missed the swimming out there. I really enjoy doing it! I will do all I can to make it a regular Wednesday morning workout. My coach was nice enough to juggle my whole schedule around to allow for the open water swimming which meant my weeks was a little off kilter. I missed a couple of opportunities for “optional” rides so I did one on a day it wasn’t prescribed (sorry Coach!). Next week my schedule will be shifting around to allow for the Wednesday swimming so it will be a week of adjustment for sure!

Saturday morning started off a little scary. When Stuart came down stairs to feed the dogs he discovered the garage door half open and one of the bicycles laying on the ground. Further inspection found his road bike had be messed with as well. Someone had broke into our garage (crawled through our dog door we suspect) to steal bikes but was unable to get them out (too many kid bikes in the way) so they left with nothing. Needless to say we feel very lucky that they didn’t take anything and even more lucky that none of our family was hurt (all 6 of us were home). The scary part was it was very obvious they only wanted the bikes. There were other things they could have walked off with but didn’t. Which means we were targeted for sure. Not exactly sure how they knew we had bikes but we have locked down our Strava accounts and have taken a few more precautions at home.

VIRB Picture

The biggest day of the week was Sunday. I had a 4:30 bike followed by a 40 minute run. Stuart and I decided to head to the ocean and then ride back up Mullholland (7 miles climb with 1700 ft of gain). Once we got to the beginning of the climb we were already 3 hours in to the ride. I knew we wouldn’t be home for another 2 hours. I ended up riding for 5:19 but made it out for my run! It was a pretty hard day but I was really pleased with my effort. Some days a little suffering is a good thing.

Monday I had a long run that was only supposed to be 60 minutes but my coach told me if I felt good I could run for 90. I really wanted to have a big week so I went a route that would make me run 75-90 minutes. It was hot and I was a little tired but I totally did it! I am finally starting to feel like it is all coming together.

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