Ironman Boulder 2015 Race Goals

I believe in setting goals for myself on race day that way I know what I am working towards. I do have the long term goal of making it to Kona someday, so I have to set time goals for myself. I also like sharing my times because I feel like it makes me a little bit more accountable for achieving them. Every little bit of motivation helps on race day! So here they are:

Goal Swim Bike Run Transitions Total
A 1:05 6-6:30 Sub 4 <10 min 11:30-11:59
B 1:10 6:30-7 4-4:20 10-15 min 12:00- 12:30
C 1:15 7+ 4:20 + 15 min plus 12:31+

Of course the overarching goal is to finish and have fun. If this isn’t fun, there is no reason to keep doing it!

I am fairly confident that I should hit my swim goal. I think the rolling swim start should help a lot and will offset the altitude affects.

The bike is always a guessing game. If there is wind on the course that could greatly affect my time. There is a fair amount of climbing (5000+ feet) so that could make it longer as well. But, I think the course is amazing and it actually rides really fast so I have high hopes that I can finish under 6:30. That would be amazing!

The run is my biggest concern. I had a really good marathon in Arizona, 4:02. I was absolutely shocked how well it went. This course is a bit more challenging because we essentially run up a false flat 5 mile long hill. You can really feel it the last mile. I am hoping that the crowd and atmosphere will help me push through the pain and have a solid run like Arizona.

The biggest concern by far is the weather. We have all become amateur weather reporters now! As of now, it is calling for a high of 90 for the day. That is OK and it should be manageable. But of course, weather can play a huge roll in how the day plays out.

Look next for a post on how to track me race day! Thanks for reading!


  1. Those are fantastic goals. I hope the weather cooperates and you feel good for your A race. When you do your race recap, can you talk about nutrition on the course? I’d like to hear about your fueling.

    1. I would be happy to talk about that! But to give you a little insight, I try to do REAL food on the bike (Check out the Portables book by Skratch Labs) and save the processed stuff for the run when it gets hard to eat!

  2. I’m really excited for you! All the hard work you’ve put in, race day is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to track you and scream words of encouragement at my computer all day!!

  3. Those are amazing goals (you crazy woman) I’m sure you’ll do great. Can’t wait to see those finish line pictures with that big proud smile.

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