Whole 30 Success… and Failure

I did the Whole 30 challenge and it was both a success and a failure. It was a failure because I didn’t make it all 30 days. It wasn’t because I couldn’t have made it all 30 days. Stuart and I ended up going on an impromptu vacation and I really wanted to enjoy it. So all in all I made it 28 days. Except for one mistake where I took a sip of the wrong cup of coffee, I was 100% true to the program.

My goal of the program did not have to do with identifying any food allergies, but instead I wanted to reduce and cut out the unnecessary  sugar in my diet. For that, it was a total success! After abut 2 weeks on the program I no longer wanted sugary processed carbs anymore. And continuing on I don’t plan on bringing them back into my diet.

Weight-wise I dropped around 6 pounds over the 4 weeks. My husband Stuart managed to lose a bit of weight as well. We both got ourselves down to numbers we never thought we could maintain easily. That wasn’t one of the reasons we did Whole 30 but being able to maintain those lower weights was really nice. For doing the long distance events that Stuart and I do, it is really helpful not to carry around 5 extra pounds over the miles.

So now what you may ask. I plan on eating Whole 30 around 90% of the time. I plan to keep excluding bread, pasta, rice, and added sugar as much as possible. I do plan on drinking beer again. That was the one thing I really missed. I picked up the habit of drinking my coffee with coconut cream so I don’t think I will allow much dairy back in my diet. The exception to this will be the occasional cheese and sausage dinner with Stuart.

The challenge takes a lot of planing ahead and you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But it is totally worth it! Getting off the sugar and processed carbs is going to serve me well in the long term. Skinny has felt so much better than cereal tasted!

If you are going to do Whole 30 I highly recommend buying the book. It has a lot of good recipes. I found myself cooking from it 4-8 times per week. I also recommend doing Whole 30 just because it forces you to look at what you are eating and what you are most likely feeding your family. You will be SHOCKED to see how much crap is in our food.


  1. I would have done exactly what you did, enjoy the vacation! Life is too short not to enjoy good food! A couple years ago when I did the vegan thing I just felt like I wasn’t fully enjoying out of the ordinary experiences. I’m glad you’re going to keep a happy medium!

  2. I’ll have to look into the book. We do mostly clean eating and comment when we do have occasional processed foods how horrible it makes us feel. 28/30 is an A on this teacher’s grading scale. Agreed about beer though. Even though I only have a few per month, it’s at times where I really feel like I’ve earned it. Would be sad not to have that as an option.

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