Week 3 and 4 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training

I had every intention of getting this written on time but the week just got away from me!

Week 3 was the last of the build cycle so the volume was still really high. I was still sore and I was trying to figure out what happened with my knee the week before.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.56.47 PM.png

Saturday I took my workout to the beach and managed to do a swim, bike, and a run! It was 4:30 on the bike and I was really nervous how that would go. My knee didn’t hurt as much as it had the previous weekend but it wasn’t 100% either. The last hour of the ride was just miserable. A lot of dark thoughts during that ride. Luckily, when I got off the bike to run I managed a really nice pace with no issue at all. Thank goodness running still feels so good and is so much fun for me! This week was capped off with a 2 hour trail run. Thanks Coach for that! I really needed a change of scenery!

Week 4 was rest week – YAY!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.56.57 PM.png

Two complete rest days and super low volume all around! I needed it! I did one hard run which was a 15 min aerobic run test. I kept my HR in check, the run felt great and I covered 1.91 miles in the 15 minutes! Things are looking good for the run in Arizona! I got some extra time off the bike this week so for the couple of rides I did do I had NO issues. Fingers crossed the return to 8mm drop shoes, extra exercises, stretching, and rest will resolve the issue!

Most exciting part of the week was adding anew bike to the stable. N + 1 Baby!! Her name is Sparkles and she is a used Surly Straggler. I am interested in trying some gravel riding this year so I had to get a bike for it!



  1. I love the new ride!! So much fun to ride on new terrain 🙂 Glad the knee is getting better!! I can’t wait to get back on the trails running this fall…it is one of my favorite parts about autumn!! 🙂

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