Week 5 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training – Salty Balls FTW

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.15.03 PM.png

After a rest week things ramped back up quickly. I had a trip for work so that knocked me out of what ever routine I sort of have but luckily my coach is great at planning around my schedule. I ended up doing a pretty decent interval run on the hotel treadmill! And luckily they have some decent foam rolling stuff to use!



Now that my schedule with my kids has changed I now have all of Saturday and Sunday to train. This mean my long rides have shifted to Saturdays. I really like getting them out of the way! The weather was great and I had a really good 5+ hours! My knee started acting up at the very end but it was just fine for my run off the bike. I have been working on stretching my hamstrings and hips out with regular frequency. I have been eating Salty Balls (see my Coeur teammate Hailey for the recipe) as my main source of fuel on my long rides and they are working amazingly well! I have also been wearing the aero top by Coeur. It is absolutely wonderful for long rides! It is amazing how much it helps when you can keep the sun off your shoulders all day!


When I got back from my ride I got a surprise package from a dear friend. It is really nice to get an unexpected note of encouragement and thanks in the mail along with a super cute tank top!

IMG_2342.JPGThe week ended with a 2 hour trail run. My coach has been sending me to the trails for my long runs. It is really nice to get off the roads and not worry about pace, only effort.


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