Week 6 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training – Race Recon


Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 10.36.30 AM.png

Hulk Mode for the week! If you are new to my training updates Hulk Mode means I turned all my workouts green in Training Peaks! YAY ME!

This was a pretty tough week but I feel so motivated to work hard right now! I feel really good in the pool. Paces continue to be much closer to my pre-collarbone break paces. Running is going well also. My speed work out on Thursday was 5 X 800 and I nailed it! You can see the details here. Friday I did some more work in the pool with the Tempo Trainer and had a great workout. That is a great tool for working on pace!

Saturday I went up to Carpinteria to do my long ride on the course of my upcoming Olympic Triathlon. I did two laps of the course and had a pretty decent ride followed by a great run.


Fries and a Sprite after a solid 4 hours

Not gonna lie. I am really hoping to podium this coming up Sunday. I think I have a good chance based on last years times.

I ended the week with a really tough day mentally. I had a 2.5 hour trail run on my plan. I was a little dehydrated from the day before, I got out a bit late, and it was hotter than I expected. Coupled with the fact that I ran a very exposed trail, I ended up walking a LOT. But, I had a couple of opportunities to turn right and go home early but I kept turning left. I figured I had enough water to stay out there for the 2.5 hours even if it meant walking a lot. In the end I was out for 2:19 and was proud of myself for not quitting. The better part of me knew to take the recover ride inside instead of contending with the heat again.

IMG_2379.JPGMy hat below shows I made a few deposits in the bank of fitness this weekend!

IMG_2380.JPGSo this week is a race/test/rest week! I will be doing some testing in all three disciplines and hopefully executing and strong race on Sunday!

If you are interested, Coeur Sports is accepting applications for the 2017 Ambassador spots! There truly is not a better Ambassador program out there!


  1. Those deposits look A LOT like the ones I make…salty sweat shows the work! Have a great race this weekend! Smile, have fun, and the podium will follow!

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