Week 8 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training – rest week, test week, race week

So you may have noticed I screwed up my numbering and I am actually a week ahead of where I thought I was! So oops,  no week 7 training update! (Ironman training brain).

This week was a a week of rest with fitness testing in all three disciplines finished off by an Olympic Triathlon!

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.40.01 AM.png

First test of the week was an FTP test on the bike. I only had a 2 watt increase up to 184 watts but I gave it my all so what else can you do? My last FTP was a big increase so they can’t all be like that. Data in Garmin connect can be found here. Regardless, things are getting better on the bike.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 10.08.15 AM.png

The next test was a running test. My coach has me warm up and them run for 15 minutes at just sub threshold and we compare the distance and pace for the effort. Last time I did this test I ran 1.91 mile in the 15 minutes. This time I almost hit the 2 miles by running 1.98. My running is going well and I am loving it! Garmin Data can be found here. The silly auto lap kind of messed up the data.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 10.09.17 AM.png

The last test was the CSS (critical swim speed test) which I was very excited to do. I knew that I was swimming faster so I was anxious to do this test. After a good warm up you swim a 400 for time, then do some active recovery, then swim a 200 for time. Both efforts should essentially be an all out effort for the distance, paced well of course. I am actually pretty good at pacing myself especially in the pool. I NAILED this test! I swam 5:59.1 for the 400 and 2:53.4 for the 200. I do not think I have swam a 200 that fast since I started working with my Coach Jen. That gives me a CSS of 1:33/100 yards. This is great information to use when swimming with the Tempo Trainer. Garmin data (with heart rate) can be found here.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 10.10.46 AM.png

Sunday I raced. You can read the full report here, but the summary is I executed my race well, got 3rd in my AG and 4th OA female so I am a happy camper! Total time was 2:42 and change!



  1. Excellent week!! Your tests are not only showing that hard work pays off, but your race on Sunday nailed this as well!! Congratulations!! Well deserved and earned!!

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