Ironman Arizona 2012 – Sherpa Report

In case you may be supporting someone this weekend at Ironman Arizona…

See Becca Try to Tri

If you have ever done a big race you understand the importance of having a “Sherpa” with you to assist you.  You need help with a variety of things including  drop offs, pick ups, photo taking, social media updates, etc…  After my Ironman, my Sherpa had to help me get in to the shower because I couldn’t get my kit off!  I have been lucky to have people in my life Sherpa for me over the years so I was thrilled to Sherpa for someone special who was doing their first Ironman.

We got out to Tempe Arizona a couple days before the race and were busy doing last minute testing of equipment, checking out the course again, and making sure we had all necessary items for race day.  My necessary items were a little different than his;  while he needed nutrition and chamois cream I need poster board and…

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