FOMO – it is real

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I would be lying if I said I had never signed up for a race because of this. I am trying to figure out my schedule for 2018 (yep, already working on that) and I am being very cautious to pick races that work for ME and MY situation; not because it is a “cool” race or I know a lot of people racing it. It looks like I will return to a familiar race in 2018 most likely, IM Arizona for a 3rd time. I know the race, I like the race, it is a very affordable option for us, and it gives me extra time to get back  to where I was before this calf injury.

I haven’t had much to say recently since I am still trying to get back to running. I did start back up with my coach, Jen, this month so that is great. We took a break while I was doing all the PT and couldn’t really stick to a plan. I am so happy to be turning my boxes green in Training Peaks again! Also, I ran yesterday! While it was only 1 mile of running over alternating 0.1 mile run/walk intervals I am over the moon! The real test is if I am progressing through the back to running plan over the next three weeks. I am not counting any chickens just yet!

Otherwise I did take a fun trip to Utah to support Stuart at the Crusher in the Tushar bike race. I managed to get a fun bike ride in up Snow Canyon and a nice swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir. (St. George in 2018…maybe) Only bummer was the AWFUL case of Swimmer’s Itch. Below are some pictures from our trip.


  1. WAHOO! So glad you are back to running! How did the calf hold up after the 1 mile?! I’m glad to hear you are back to turning boxes green in Training Peaks! It has been fun following your vacation on Insta! I know all too well about swimmers itch (growing up on the lake I had it a lot as a kid)! I hope it heals up quickly for you!

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