ISO motivation

Ugh, the last couple weeks have been tough. I don’t want to train. I am not finding much joy in the bike. Running feels super hard right now. Swimming is hit or miss. I can’t tell if it is just left over fatigue from Boulder 70.3 or if I am done with triathlon. This has been brewing up for about a month, but it has been particularly bad since I got back from vacation/ Boulder.

I told my coach what was going on and we decided a break this weekend was in order. I was only aloud to do what I felt like doing. So that meant a fun run with my kid’s Cross Country team Saturday, and then ZERO training on Sunday.

What has me panicked is I am so afraid to miss any training because I know I need every minute of it to have the race I want in November. I am not sure how much my issue is in my head versus actually is my body.

I also wonder if I am getting in my own way. Training isn’t going as well as it did 2 years ago when I had a great year. So am I kind of self-sabotaging right now to have an excuse for a slower time in November?

I am also struggling with food and my weight. A few pounds has crept on and it is making me a bit crazy. I can see it and feel it but I am struggling to make good choices in the kitchen.

My goal this week is to get through all my scheduled workouts next week as best I can. That means planning my days and GSD (getting shit done). I really think one solid successful week can help get me over this hump/around the corner.

This is just a friendly reminder that even those you may think have it all together, have some pretty crap days/weeks as well. We are all human.


  1. I felt this so much in 2014, my heart was not into the Ironman i signed up for.
    It’s okay to acknowledge and accept if your heart isn’t in it this season.
    Don’t let training be a chore, do it if it gives you joy and fulfillment.
    Hope you find your happy soon!

  2. I feel ya this year as well! I keep telling myself I’m going to make good nutrition choices and the next thing you know there’s an ice cream in my hands, lol. Hope the few days break gives you a chance to reset and get back at it or not if that’s what you need to do right now! I always try to look at it more as what do I need to do to be able to keep doing this well into my old age.

  3. I totally emphasize with your post. I have been sidelined since last October with a knee issue and am only really just getting back into running. And running now is so hard. It is depressing to see my run times and the fact that I can’t run consistently without a walk break. I have a 70.3 at the end of Sept and I am hoping just to get round but that in itself is a bit depressing as when I entered (before the knee issues) I was hoping to do my best 70.3 since the two previous were awful (1 DNF and 1 only just made cut off). It’s hard to stay motivated when things aren’t going so well and maybe a break from tri is what you need just now. My son has felt similarly and is going to try athletics for a change of scenery.

  4. I too am struggling this year. My heart just isn’t in it like it has been in the past. I am carrying some extra weight that I can’t seem to shed, am frustrated, and tired. I WANT to do well, be motivated, and have success, but I’m just not feeling it right now. I hope things turn around for you soon, you find your mojo, and you find joy in the journey again!! Hugs!! xoxo

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