I (almost) Quit

It has been a really tough month (or 9).

The injury has been harder to deal with than I ever expected. Pretty much every goal or race this year has been abandoned. I did get to do a Olympic Tri Relay with my husband and kid (we took second!) so that was awesome.


And my running volume is getting back up there (slowly).

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.55.55 PM

Yesterday I felt a twinge in my other calf. Being a parent is a million times harder than I ever expected. Work could be so much more satisfying. The world is a scary icky place right now. Yesterday, I was ready to quit all of it. Curl up on a ball and hide from the world. In my social media world I really try to show all the good in my life. And trust me, there is a ton of good. But right now I want to own up to the fact that quitting sounded amazing yesterday.

Thank goodness for a good night of sleep. Today I don’t want to quit. Today I want to make it all work. Today I am re-prioritizing my world. I will achieve my goals. The only change is the priorities of those goals. It was all about Kona and Boston. I am realizing that I need to work out my career situation first, and then those other goals will have to come a bit later.  I am at peace with this decision. I can work with this. I can make this happen.

Next week I am off to Kona to soak the whole experience in! I promise to share all the amazing things that happen out there.  Thanks for following along!


Upcoming “Events”

My running recovery (#beccasreturntorunning) is finally going well! I have been very patiently, and slowly, increasing my running volume and frequency over the last 5 weeks. This week I am hoping to actually run (slowly) 2 miles straight outside!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.25.03 PM.png

I have a couple of races on my radar but I have a a few other “things” I am working towards.

  1. #beccasreturnrunning has begun and will be complete when I punch my ticket for Boston again. I have CIM in December but I think my best chance will be at the Mountains to the Beach Marathon in May 2018.
  2. #operation200 is underway. I am working to get my FTP up to 200 by summer of 2018 in anticipation of training for Ironman Arizona in 2018. I think this is critical if I have any aspirations of qualifying for Kona
  3. #beccasbeermile is a new one. I have the incredible good fortune to go to  Kona this year to see the Ironman World Championships!!! (pinch me!!!) While I am there I am hoping to participate in the super secret beer mile (don’t tell anyone, mkay?). To properly prepare for this “event”  I have devised a training program that is two fold. One, I need to train to run with a belly full of liquid. I plan on doing quater-mile repeats while pounding seltzer. There is no way I can consume all that beer on a regular basis! Two, I need to practice my beer chugging skills. I am thinking once a week (when I drink my one beer a week) I will chug it. PBR for the win!
  4. #UPR, the underpants run. The other cool part about going to Kona will be the Underpants Run! A few pounds have crept on to my body while I have been injured so I am working hard for the next 8 weeks to shed that extra weight in preparation for the #UPR!

Training for traditional events will return soon, but for now I need a few “goals” to keep me focused!


10% Loss

I guess it could have been worse. But I lost 10 %… of my FTP! I did an FTP test this week to set a baseline for training and when the results came back my FTP dropped 18 watts from 187 to 169.

Honestly, I have done very little structured bike training since March, so I guess 10% loss over 5-6 months is not too bad. I don’t think I could have ridden it harder. My HR Maxed over 190 so that means I rode pretty hard!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.30.12 PM.png

I have a goal of getting my FTP up to 200 and hopefully I can do that by next summer. I think that FTP would get me well on my way to the 5:30 Ironman bike split I need if I ever have a chance at qualifying for Kona.

My return to run is going well! I am slowing making my way through an 8 step return program. I am not rushing it at all! Right now I am on step 4, .1 walk/.4 run for 2 miles. Next week I plan to step up to 2 full miles and outside. So exciting!


FOMO – it is real

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I would be lying if I said I had never signed up for a race because of this. I am trying to figure out my schedule for 2018 (yep, already working on that) and I am being very cautious to pick races that work for ME and MY situation; not because it is a “cool” race or I know a lot of people racing it. It looks like I will return to a familiar race in 2018 most likely, IM Arizona for a 3rd time. I know the race, I like the race, it is a very affordable option for us, and it gives me extra time to get back  to where I was before this calf injury.

I haven’t had much to say recently since I am still trying to get back to running. I did start back up with my coach, Jen, this month so that is great. We took a break while I was doing all the PT and couldn’t really stick to a plan. I am so happy to be turning my boxes green in Training Peaks again! Also, I ran yesterday! While it was only 1 mile of running over alternating 0.1 mile run/walk intervals I am over the moon! The real test is if I am progressing through the back to running plan over the next three weeks. I am not counting any chickens just yet!

Otherwise I did take a fun trip to Utah to support Stuart at the Crusher in the Tushar bike race. I managed to get a fun bike ride in up Snow Canyon and a nice swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir. (St. George in 2018…maybe) Only bummer was the AWFUL case of Swimmer’s Itch. Below are some pictures from our trip.

Switching it up in the pool


New suit is the Island Vibe Bikini from Coeur Sports. LOVE IT!!

The only place I can do any reasonable working out is the pool right now. Hopefully I will start running again in about 2 more weeks. The bike is a bit boring for me because outside is a bit too hard on my calf and I am not doing anything structured on the trainer. July I start back with my coach to at least make some boxes green in Training Peaks! so for now, I have been adding some intensity back into my swim workouts and I wanted to share the easy swim sets I use!

First one is Negative Split. This is where you swim the second half of an interval faster that the first. Great way to add in some speed! The set below was a negative split pyramid, 100 200 300 400 300 200 100. See the Garmin Data here.


The next technique I got from my friend MUN, EBEH. That stands for Easy Build Easy Hard. That pretty much explains how you swim the interval. Cool thing with this is you can apply it to a variety of distances. The workout below was a pyramid (I love pyramids) of 100 200 300 00 300 200 100. You can see the Garmin data here.


Then today I did my other trick to work in some intensity, descending. Swimming each interval faster that the one before. Today I wanted more yards so I  actually didn’t use my ever faithful pyramid. I used a ladder instead. The workout was 3 X 400, 3 X 300, 3 X 200, 3 X 100, descending by three. You can see the Garmin data here.


These are great tricks to use in the pool to challenge yourself a bit! Just keep swimming!

Pity Party Over

Just a quick update.

  1. I am not running yet but I hope to be by July.
  2. I am pedaling on my bike but using platform pedals and only on the trainer.
  3. I have put on 6 pounds during this break in training, clean eating resumes today.
  4. Time to get to work and get 45-60 minutes of cardio in every day.
  5. My crochet is getting pretty decent, look for an Etsy store for the holidays.


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.54.52 PM

Well, I have had to drop out of pretty much every race I signed up for this year. Boo! This calf injury has been harder to recover from than I thought. I am just about to finish up my 4th week in a walking boot and I am really hoping that that will do the trick and I can get back to running (injury free).

In the mean time I have set two goals to look forward to.

  1. Dwight Crum Pier to Pier 2 mile swim. Yes, I have done this swim twice but I always take the easier route and wear a wetsuit. So this year I will train for the non-wetsuit swim. AHHH!!!! I am terrified to swim that long without a wetsuit and my biggest fear is getting too cold before I can finish. Well, the only way around this is practice practice practice!
  2. Boston Qualify! I have two races lined up. First I have the Santa Clarita Marathon in November. One of my all time favorite races because it is where I started running. But just in case in am not quite ready for a BQ effort then I have a December marathon lined up… CIM in Sacramento! I have never run this race and I am super excited for it!

Fingers crossed!

Pivoting in my boot

Ok, I finally saw the doctor today. Here is my current status.

Ultrasound was used to confirm there is a tear in my gastrocnemius muscle so  I am wearing the boot and will do physical therapy to fix the muscle. For now I may only cross train WITHOUT USING MY CALF. That pretty much leaves me with swimming with a pull buoy or extreme crocheting. I am up for the challenge!

I got some cheer-leading from Sonja Wieck that my shift in goals is called “The art of the pivot”

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.40.03 PM.png

Ironman Wisconsin is off the table (filed my insurance to hopefully get my money back) and now IM Santa Rosa 70.3 is off as well. 2017 is the year of DNS.

So what am I pivoting to you may ask… I am hoping to be up and running reasonably well by the end of the summer so I can qualify in the fall/winter for Boston in 2019. Then Stuart and I will be trying to do Boston to Big Sur in 2019!!! How cool is that!?!

I will also be going for the full IM Santa Rosa in 2018 in hopes of gaining a slot to Kona.

This is just a hiccup. I will come back!


I admit it… I am jealous!

Being part of a team is totally awesome. Not only am I supported by the maker of the best kit for endurance sports but there are so many wonderful women that I get to call my teammates!

There is one consequence of being on a team with some amazing athletes. It is hard not to be a bit jealous of other’s success. Watching your teammates crush their races is super inspiring but it makes me a bit jealous. I am sure this is worse right now because I am not sure when I will be racing again do to this silly calf!

So instead of stewing over my jealousy I am calling it out! Stating that I feel that way so I can move on and get past it! It is time to cheer for those reaching their goals and draw on that for inspiration!

Well done to those who got their Kona spots and re-qualifed for Boston. I am so excited for you and lucky to have you in my world! One day I will join you at those races! I believe!

2017 Boston Marathon Report


Obviously, I really wish this would have been a race report. But thanks to an uncooperative calf, this is just a bunch of fun pics from my trip and an update on my plans for the year.

The trip to Boston was tough and a lot of tears were shed but I am so glad we went. Stuart and I always have the best time on vacation and this was no exception. I am not going to bore you with the details. Instead, I will post up a bunch of pics so you can see what we did.

While we were there, we talked about the plan for the rest of the year. Since I am still struggling to run I am now planning on making a big shift in my goals and races.

Ironman Wisconsin is out. I do not think I am capable of having the race I was planning on due to the calf injury. It is a LOT of money to make the trip out there and to have a good race we need to go twice. I just can’t justify the expense. I did get the insurance on the race so I am hoping that I will be able to use it since I am injured. Otherwise we will walk away from the registration fee.

So what about the rest of the year? Here is what I am thinking…

  • IM Santa Rosa 70.3 in May – Gonna go but most likely will pull out after the bike. This is a great opportunity to test my bike fitness and see just how hard I can go. Plus, I am not planning on going to do the full in May 2018 so this will serves as race recon for 2018.
  • Santa Clarita Marathon in November – I plan on trying to re-qualify for Boston so I can go in 2019. The best part is Stuart may be trying to qualify for 2019 so we can run it together! If I can’t do it at this race, there will be a few more opportunities in January-March. Once I am healthy I know I can do this.
  • Ironman Santa Rosa May 2018 – Gonna try for Kona.

There may be some more races sprinkled in but it looks like 2017 is going to be a bit of a bust for me.

I am not giving up on my dream of qualifying for Kona. I am just being realistic and not trying to force it. I will get there!