Challenge Penticton – My second A-race for 2013

I am now registered for my second 140.6 triathlon!  There has been a lot of chatter in the triathlon community over the last week with the news that Ironman would not be doing the race in Penticton, BC in 2013.  Instead it has become a Challenge race.  The biggest difference so far is that there will be more people on the course (3500 competitors) and there will be wave starts to stretch everyone out.

Honestly I didn’t really care who ran the race. Especially since aspirations of Kona are not in my head right now;  it really doesn’t matter that it isn’t Ironman branded to me.  I just want another crack at the distance and after my trip to the course this summer I am super excited for this race.

The race is 8/25/2013, just over four months after the Boston Marathon.  I think I will be able to train hard for both races and hopefully PR in both  (I am sure I will in Canada after my time in St. George).  So watch for updates as I prepare for my next 140.6.  I want to do the distance justice this time and leave it all out there!