I will miss you Buster

Yesterday was a sad day. I had to put down my beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Buster Brown.  He was a great dog.  Super lovey, not too bright, and HUGE!  I was just thinking of the things about Buster I will miss and some of my funny memories of him and I felt like I need to write them out.

  • When Buster was a puppy he ate all of the food on two shelves of the pantry, including  an entire canister of sugar (he had a ring of sugar around his nose from licking it out), and 10 lbs of uncooked rice. A quick trip to the emergency vet and a lot of puking and he was all better!
  • When I was in labor with my first son Buster wouldn’t leave my side.  He was so concerned about me.  Of course it was kind of gross when he licked the amniotic fluid off my leg when my water broke!
  • He was a really big drooler and sometimes the drool would hang down for inches off his mouth.  My youngest child used to play with his giant drool.
  • He used to sleep on my side of the bed and even though I had no place to sleep (he was a really big dog), I would never kick him out of the bed. He would keep my feet warm.
  • If you played a harmonica he would howl.
  • He wouldn’t leave my side when I was home.
  • He was a water dog that didn’t swim.
  • He liked to pre-wash the dishes in the dishwasher.
  • He would lay right in front of the stove as I cooked (hoping for me to drop something).
  • He was awesome with my kids.
  • I miss the way his paws smell (yes, I know that sounds strange).

Thanks for letting me get this out…