I will follow…

as best I can!

I am just over three weeks from the Portland Marathon and I have been trying to follow the FIRST plan in hopes of qualifying for Boston.  I have done my best to follow the plan.  It has been a little bit of a juggling act since I have been racing while training for Portland. That has complicated the plan a little but for the most part I stuck to it.

The biggest difference in this training  plan was I finally tried to do speed work.  Speed work has never been a friend of mine.  But once I figured out the suggested splits were a little too fast for me, and that doing the speed work on the flattest surface possible (even the treadmill) helped,  I found myself more and more successful at completing the prescribed workouts.

I have my last 20 miler this Sunday.  The first two were awesome (see here and here)and I am hoping I can nail this last one and finish the plan strong.  The real proof  will be seen October 9th when I run the Portland Marathon.  If I can go sub 3:40, watch out Boston!  I will see you in 2013!