Operation “Get It Done”

For the last 7 months I have been focusing on triathlon but now that my two 70.3 races are done it is time to switch to marathon mode.  I am training for the Portland Marathon on October 9.  I did this race last year and loved it.  I had set out to run 4:30 and was thrilled to run 4:21. The course was fun even though it rained from start to finish.  I have been running faster since last year so this year I am shooting for sub 4, hopefully 3:50 but  my ultimate goal is under 3:40 (Boston qualifying time).

Today was my first 20 mile run.  The plan I am using is much harder that what I have done in the past so the mileage jumps up pretty quickly.  I haven’t run this far in a very long time.  I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do this run; do it well; and feel good after.  I needed a running confidence boost.  So the mission was “Get It Done”.  I named my new playlist on my iPod “Get It Done” and started out a little before 6 this morning to get it done.

The run went great! I did an out and back run that is hillier than the race course but it has a couple places for water if I ran out.  When I hit the turn I was at and average pace of 9:16 and when I finished I was 9:08 so I negative split the run!  I was cautious to make sure I was good about water, nutrition, and electrolytes.  I got hungry towards the end (had trouble eating before I started) but I had some cut up apples (Pink Ladys, my favorite) which helped for the last couple of miles.

Overall I am really pleased! I have spent so much time on triathlon lately that it is kind of nice to try and focus on my running and just swim and bike to break up the workouts.

Click here for the Garmin details from the run. No heart rate data. Forgot the strap!