Monday Motivation

As the weather turns colder (for some of us) and there are fewer races on our calendars it gets easy to get a little bit lazy.  Maybe you just came off a big year where you had a bunch of huge races and you are enjoying your downtime a little more than you should.  Whatever the reason, this seems to be a time of the year (for me at least) where I have trouble finding the motivation to stick to a training plan.  So Barb (aka Kelownagurl) were commiserating how we both need a swift kick in the pants to get motivated.  So we have decided to be motivation buddies!  We are defining some goals and plan on getting our butts back in shape!  So look for our tweets with our motivating hashtags as we try to lose a few pounds and improve our fitness levels as we go through the winter months.

You can follow Barb on Twitter at @kelownagurl and I am @Tri BeccaTO (not Toronto).

And remember, Barb and Becca are pretty good…for their age!