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Saucony Guide 6 Shoe Review


High noon running in my Saucony Guide 6

It has been a long time since I have done a running shoe review  because honestly I wasn’t running as much as I would have liked to over the last year.  When my IT band pain started in early 2012 I was barely running.  Now that I finally feel like my running strength is coming back, I would like to resume reviewing the shoes I use.  I know there will be a lot of miles coming my way as I train for Ironman Arizona.

About  a year ago I went in for a proper running shoe fitting from my local running store, Future Track.  They originally put me into an Asics 2000 shoe.  When I first started running I ran in Asics so I was happy to go back and try them again (this after trying to run in Newtons; they didn’t work for me).  No real problems with the new Asics.  They fit great and I had no problems.  When I went back for a new pair after 4 months (I wear out shoes really fast) I wanted to try something different. They put me in a Saucony Guide 6.  I had run in the Kinvara 2’s a long time ago and really enjoyed them but I have come to realize that I need a more supportive shoe.  I am not a neutral or minimal shoe wearer.  I need a stability shoe.  I used to heal strike really bad and even thought that is much better, I just run happier in a shoe with some substance to it. Anyway, I was excited to go back to Saucony.  My husband is very successful with them and I was hoping they would work out.


Best trade of the day, always!

And work out they did! I was able to move into them with no problems at all.  They fit true to size (I wear a 9 in running shoes, 8.5 in regular shoes)  I was running decent mileage right out of the blocks (well, out of my door).  To me it felt like a very well balanced shoe.  I like a decent amount of room in the toe box.  I don’t like to feel squished in there.  My toes need some room!  I felt like my foot was striking the ground properly and the shoe was supporting my foot well.  The uppers are very durable and they caused me no discomfort.  As time went on the shoes handled the miles well.  No tearing and not a lot of stretching.  I was so happy I got a second pair and ran in this line for a good 8 months!

photo 1

200 miles of use

photo 2

Wear on soles after 200+ miles

I just got new shoes again.  I went with something a little different this time just for variety sake.  Also the Guide 6 has now been replaced with the Guide 7 so it seemed like a good time to try something different. I got the Saucony Triumph 11.  So far so good!  Full review in 100 miles!  But if you find yourself a pair of Guide 6s you won’t be disappointed!

photo 3

Our with the old, in with the new!