You get up at what time?

So I have a tight schedule. I work a full time job as does my husband. We have two kids in Elementary school as well. So almost the only time I have during the week to workout is in the morning before the kids are up and the husband has left. This mean I have to be home by 6:00 AM.  As a result I get up between 4:00 and 4:30 AM 4-5 days a week.  Many people think this is crazy.  For me it is the best.  I love getting the workouts over before going to work.  It was hard at first but I adjusted to it in a couple weeks and now if I don’t workout I feel off all day.  Some tips to make it work for me are:

  • Put everything out the night before (shoes, socks, bra, headlamp, etc…). You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark trying to find your water bottle.
  • Set your alarm (I don’t really need it but every once in awhile it comes in handy).
  • Remember that you will feel better after you workout. When it is time to get up it is easy to think that staying in bed will make you feel better.  Don’t fall for this trap!
  • Have a plan at the beginning of the week what you will be doing each day.
  • Try to prep the items you need for the rest of your morning the night before. For me this is packing lunches and getting backpacks ready for the kids. Maybe someday I will even layout my clothes (I doubt it!)
  • And most recently I have been using Twitter and Dailymile to connect with people who are also up when you are working out. Knowing that others are up and exercising when you are seems to help me!

I have found that when I make working out a priority, the rest of my day goes much better.

**Update to this post (4/25/2011)

There are two more things I wanted to add to this regarding successful early morning running/training.

The first one is kind of gross.  Make sure you give your self enough time to properly use the restroom before you workout (wink wink, I don’t just mean pee).  This might not be your normal routine but I swear once you get used to it your body will continue to be on a  nice “regular” schedule if you catch my drift:)

Second, get a programmable coffee pot.  There is nothing better after a cold early morning run to come in the house to a warm cup of coffee.

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