My First DNF – the Tour of Sufferlandria

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Around New Years we decided that it would be fun to do a fitness challenge and since both of us enjoy use the Sufferfest training videos we thought it would be fun to try and do all of them.  Yes, we thought it would be a good idea to do 10+ hours of trainer riding (WTH were we thinking?).  After the first night/3+ hours I realized just how lofty of a goal this was in actuality.

We started on Saturday night and did four videos *(mind you I ran 14 miles in the morning).  Got up Sunday morning, ate a nice breakfast then did two more videos*, took a lunch break, and very gingerly got back on the bikes*.  To say my sit-bones/butt/lady parts were hurting is an understatement.  Monday became a rest day because we had to take one.  But Tuesday morning we went back at it and managed to do three more videos* including my least favorite (because it is so hard), Local Hero.  At this point I ran out of time.  I am training for the Boston Marathon and I need to keep my eye on the prize.  I need to focus on running so I had to do the responsible thing and take a DNF for this one.

As strange as it sounds, I had a blast! It was a great way to plunge back into my bike and get me prepped for the miles I will be putting on while I train for Challenge Penticton.  I was also quite surprised at how well I did on each video.  The only one I “coasted” through was the Extra Shot (and there is no coasting on a bike trainer).  I hit some speeds on my trainer I have never hit and I found the more time I spent on the bike the better I got at keeping my cadence high.

I am glad we gave it a try and hopefully the next time I do it (yes, I will try again), I will make it through all the videos.  Back to running!

My best "Not Impressed"

My best “Not Impressed”

Day three, I am done!

Day three, I am done!

*links will take you to my Garmin data