Ironman St. George 2012 Race Report

On the 4 year anniversary of my first Ironman I thought I would re-share my VERY long day.

See Becca Try to Tri

Wow, where to start…  The race report is going to be brief because I don’t want to get into every little detail about the race but give you the highlights of the day.  If you have any specific questions, leave me a comment and I will gladly fill you in!

The last weather report we got for race day predicted a perfect day for the event.  Low to mid 80s and a slight wind.  That was not the case at all.  The swim started off fine.  I was worried about the mass start because I have never done that before.  I didn’t have too much trouble finding open water to swim in and didn’t get whacked around too bad.  We all has no idea what was coming our way.  The race was essentially a big rectangle with three 90 degree left turns.  When we made it to the first turn…

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The Iron Road

Recently I read this article by Lauren Fleshman (aka Fleshman Flyer). It was a follow-up to an earlier blog post where she talks about how the images we see in the media are not reality and shares some photos to show us just how much lighting, posture, angles, and re-touching can change what we see.  These articles have really hit on a topic that I think is an issue in our society. We  have accepted what the media has chosen to show us. We  have become so used to seeing these images and we compare ourselves to the impossible. What we see on the new stand… on the screen.. is imaginary. No one looks like that! We have seen the examples of how photo editing software is used to lengthen, lift, trim, clear away imperfections. Lauren’s post is the first time I’ve seen media embrace reality and show what women really…

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