Month: February 2016

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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I got an excellent email this week that I won a contest on SportTracks! They were looking for pictures for the login screen for their app. Stuart and I both submitted pictures, they were both of me, and they were both taken by Stuart. My bike on the bike took first place! You can read their blog post about the contest here. If you are unfamiliar with SportTracks I can give you the quick explanation. You can upload your data from your Garmin or Garmin-like devices and review your data in some really awesome ways. The cost is very reasonable, $59/year, and it gives you all kinds of useful ways to examine your data as well as track your gear. You can set it up so your data uploads automatically so it really isn’t any extra work to put it in there. The fact that I actually use it regularly speaks to just how easy it is to use it. Here was the winning pic!



2016 Sponsers – Wow am I lucky!

Well I think I have all my sponsors for 2016 lined up and this is going to be a great year. My focus again this year is to keep chipping away at my Ironman time in hopes of qualifying for Kona by the time I am 45 (4 more years to do it). With the following sponsors in my court I am being given the best chance possible. If anyone wants to sponsor me to do this full time and stop working, I am open to this! Set up a call with me! #winkwink

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Coeur Sports (Argon 18 and Roka) – Being sponsored by Coeur has been a dream come true! They take really good care of their athletes and have a philosophy that is second to none! Not to mention I truly believe that their clothing is hands down the best kit for women in endurance sports. It is worth every penny! The rest of the ambassadors are a bunch of amazing ladies as well! I am humbled to be in a group with all of them! There will be a ot of #heartandcourage out there this year!

With Coeur Sports also come support from Argon 18 and Roka. I am now the proud owner of an Argon bike and I use many Roka swim products as well. We are super lucky to be supported by the best of the best! Pinch me!


SBR Sports – This is my third year with SBR. Thier product line of skin care, hair care, wet suit lube, and anti fog goggle wipes has made my time at the pool and int he ocean MUCH more comfortable. Not to mention I swear that the constant use of the body wash in the pool shower has also extended the life of my swimming suits!


Skratch Labs– With my husband I am a Taste Agent for Skratch Labs this year! I truly believe in thier mission of using good real ingredients to support endurance sports. They have several amazing cook books as ell as some of my favorite flavors for hydration. Can you say Matcha Green Tea?

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Trainer Road– This is one of the best tools in my tool kit! This is an awesome application that you can run on your computer using the gadgets you probably already own to transform and direct you bike training. It allows you to¬† train with power even if you don’t have a power meter. The volume of available workout in the program are amazing! If you spend any time on an indoor trainer you must give this a try for a month! Check out Stuart’s post on how to set it up for more details.