Month: April 2014

Confessions of a Coached Athelte – Bricks Are Hard

TrainerRoad Challenge Time!!!

Sorry I have been quiet lately but life has been busy.  I hope to blog more this week to fill you in.  But in the mean time, I just heard that TrainerRoad is doing an 8 day challenge in honor of the Amgen Tour of California.  This is a great opportunity to jump start your cycling fitness while virtually working out with hundreds (hopefully thousands) of people. Head on over to TrainerRoad and check it out.  Leave a comment on this post and I will enter you in a drawing to win a month of Training from TrainerRoad.  Winner announced Saturday May 3, 2014!

Confessions of a Coached Athlete – Running to Heart Rate

OK, I feel a trend of posts coming now that I am using a coach.  I made the decision back in January to work with Jen M. from One 10 Performance and Nutrition and I couldn’t be happier with it!  I have really enjoyed not having to figure out what to do everyday and the variety and challenges she presents me with are really working.  I have seen gains in all three sports and I am excited to see what happen at Ironman Arizona in November.


HR data from run. Spot on!

Last night I had to run to a specific heart rate for two 15 minute segments.  I was to run just below threshold and see how far I could run.  It was so much fun! It was nice not to be focused on distance or pace but just my hear rate.   I found that actually made the running easier.  I have been doing the same on the bike and what amazes me  that even though I am holding back on my HR (trying not to go anaerobic) I am still PRing on Strava segments!  Just more proof the training is working.




March 2014 Training Summary


March was a good month overall.  I ran the Great Race Chesebro Half Marathon and did much better than I expected.  I would say that having a coach is really paying off!  Below are the numbers from my SportTracks account (you should check them out as a good place to store all your data).

march Numbers

April will be a busy month.  I am doing the L’Etape du California on April 6.  80+ miles with 8,800 ft of gain.  It will be a doozy! Then I have having my wedding!!!! Other than those two events it is business as usual.  I would like to improve my consistency at doing my core work.  I am pretty awful when it comes to getting it done  and I know it helps.  I need to just STFU and do it…


Saucony Womens Guide 7 Review

photo 1

I was very lucky to have a pair of Saucony ProGrid Guide 7’s sent to me from Saucony to try out.  I was very successful in the Guide 6′s so I was excited to try the 7’s.  I had bought the Triumph 11’s and ran in them for a short period of time so this review is a little bit of a comparison.

Like I said in my previous review of the 6’s I was very happy with what the Guide shoe had to offer.  When I went to the local running store to get a new pair of shoes I thought it was an opportunity to try something new.  You never know what magic shoe might be out there.  I tried the Triumph and the Cortana (Saucony shoes work for me so that is where I started).  I felt like the Cortana was a little too minimalist for me.  My foot felt like it was working too hard to land properly.  It was a very fast light shoe but I have found that I do better in a stability shoe.  I liked the Triumph because it felt like a very well constructed shoe that had stability characteristics but was helping me work towards a more natural/less assisted run.  I took home the Triumph and ran in then for about a month.  I had two small issues.  First the height of the shoe on the inside of my ankle felt too low so my ankles got tired easily. Second, the combination of a more flexible upper and the super cool stretchy laces made finding the right tension/tightness difficult.

Guide 7 on left, Triumph 11 on right

Guide 7 on left, Triumph 11 on right

Now, there was nothing wrong with these shoes.  I really like them other than the fact that they weren’t the right shoes for my feet and running style.  Luckily, Saucony sent me the right pair, the Guide 7s.

Once I got into the Guide 7’s I had a better understanding of what my foot need and that is what Saucony calls a guidance shoe.  When I ran I could feel the shoe guiding my foot to the proper placement (more midfoot than heel strike) when it landed and supporting it through the whole motion.  It had just a touch more stability of the Triumph, and I needed that.  It also supported me better in my ankle and immediately I could feel the difference.

Here is the description from the Saucony website,

“The Guide 7 is the ultimate training partner, providing stability with flexibility in a lightweight package. PowerGrid provides responsive cushioning from heel to toe. A fully decoupled SRC crashpad minimizes impact, and the redesigned medial support system creates a smooth transition to midfoot. A flared forefoot design adds support during toe-off allowing the runner to spring forward efficiently and powerfully. Added flex grooves ensure the shoe moves with the runner with comfort and responsiveness. All hail Guide 7! Weight: 8.6oz./244 g (Size 8)”

photo 2

In my opinion, the Guide 7 is more of a classic running shoe.  Less frills for simple straight forward running.  The upper is made of a couple different materials  so that  keeps the shoe from being too stretchy.  It maintains it’s form well and encases my foot without being too tight or loosing up as I run.  Like the name implies and I said before, it guides my to a proper midfoot landing and an efficient take off as well. It is the shoe my running and my feet needed.



Confessions of a Coached Athlete

I wanted to take this opportunity to fess up to the fact that I am not doing my core exercises that my coach has put on my plan.  She knows this but I thought if I fessed up to it maybe I would become more accountable for this.  I know it works.  I can feel it the next day/week and I think that is one of the reasons for the improvement in the pool I have seen recently.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to come clean. Thanks.