Month: June 2012

Wah Wah Wah!

I have been pretty quiet lately because training wise, things haven’t been going my way.  It took me much longer to recover from the Ironman in May than I expected and I seemed to have developed a new issue.  I am having pain in my foot that is unexplained at the moment.  I had x-rays and they only showed some swelling, nothing else.  I will go to the PT next week and hopefully he can fix it.  It is keeping me from running which is unfortunate because I have a 70.3 in two weeks! And if my running isn’t a little better by Vineman I may not even do the run (possibly the whole race).  I am pretty down about this because I miss running so much and I was really looking forward to Vineman.  I want to be back where I was a year ago and it just doesn’t seem to be happening!  I am beginning to run out of ideas how to “fix” myself at this point.

My other concern at the moment is that I am gaining weight.  I have managed to put on about 7-8 pounds since pre-Ironman and I am not happy about it.  I am sure it is to be expected since I am not working out anywhere near as much as I was before, so it was bound to happen.  Since I am still kind of injured the only way I will be able to lose this weight is to clean up my diet.  I have one problem with that… I can’t stop eating Twix bars!  (actually any candy or processed sugar)  I am starting to believe that sugar is more addicting that heroin right now.  I know what I need to do to eat healthier but I find myself constantly making bad decisions.  Today the number was the highest it has been in 2 years (139.8). That has to change!

I guess if I really want to lose the weight I have to STFU and just eat right until my body heals and I can work out like I am used to. Anyway, thanks for reading my whining!

Planing…It Never Ends!

I am only half way through 2012 but I am already trying to workout my race schedule for 2013.  I went to the Boston Marathon website to double check the date and I found the above page!  Pretty cool!

Anyway, scheduling races is becoming more and more complicated but for good reason. Regardless it is a challenge to do all the races you want but make sure you are properly trained and rested so you can do your best.  Case in point is where I am right now.  My big race this year was Ironman St. George.  After I completed it (by the skin of my teeth!) I have had very little energy to train and really needed some serious rest.  When I look back on things I essentially have been training for something for the last 3 years!  I have Vineman (a 70.3) in 5 weeks and I am in nowhere near the shape I hoped I would be.  When I mapped out my 2012 schedule I had hoped to try and qualify for the 70.3 championship at Vineman.  That will not be the case but I am fine with that.  My plan is to have a solid race and just enjoy the day.

So here is my plan for the rest of this year and next year at the moment:

  • Vineman 70.3 July 2012
  • RAD 10K October 2012 (I have never trained specifically for a 10K before)
  • Half Marathon December 2012 (hoping for a PR, specifics race TBD)
  • Boston Marathon April 2013 (hoping for a PR and running under 3:30)
  • Ragnar Chicago June 2013
  • Iroman Canada August 2013 (If I can get in)

There will be some shorter races thrown in to keep life interesting as well as going to some races as support crew.  I am really looking forward to the next 12+ months of racing or at least continuing to challenge myself.  Now time to work out my training plans!