Month: August 2018

ISO motivation

Ugh, the last couple weeks have been tough. I don’t want to train. I am not finding much joy in the bike. Running feels super hard right now. Swimming is hit or miss. I can’t tell if it is just left over fatigue from Boulder 70.3 or if I am done with triathlon. This has been brewing up for about a month, but it has been particularly bad since I got back from vacation/ Boulder.

I told my coach what was going on and we decided a break this weekend was in order. I was only aloud to do what I felt like doing. So that meant a fun run with my kid’s Cross Country team Saturday, and then ZERO training on Sunday.

What has me panicked is I am so afraid to miss any training because I know I need every minute of it to have the race I want in November. I am not sure how much my issue is in my head versus actually is my body.

I also wonder if I am getting in my own way. Training isn’t going as well as it did 2 years ago when I had a great year. So am I kind of self-sabotaging right now to have an excuse for a slower time in November?

I am also struggling with food and my weight. A few pounds has crept on and it is making me a bit crazy. I can see it and feel it but I am struggling to make good choices in the kitchen.

My goal this week is to get through all my scheduled workouts next week as best I can. That means planning my days and GSD (getting shit done). I really think one solid successful week can help get me over this hump/around the corner.

This is just a friendly reminder that even those you may think have it all together, have some pretty crap days/weeks as well. We are all human.

2018 Boulder 70.3 Race Report

Yep, I am still here if you were wondering. The blog is severely neglected at the moment, but I actually have a ton on my mind. So, today, I will at least get out my thoughts on the Boulder 70.3 race. Hopefully I can write more soon about what is going on in my head.

The details: (Garmin Data can be found here and here)

Swim: 34:10

Bike: 2:52:55

Run: 2:08:34

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 3.45.51 PM

Not my fastest race ever, but I had the race I wanted! The goal of the day was to test my fitness on the bike and try to push myself into a more uncomfortable place. I have a history of taking it easy on the bike so I can have a good run. My coach gave me the goal of pushing and average 144-155 watts on the bike. That was really the only thing I was focused on for the day.

Day started as expected; breakfast, bathroom, coffee, and go. It took a bit longer to drive into the Res than we expected and I ended up putting my wetsuit on in the back of the van to save some time. I started my day with a hug from the amazing Lectie Altman (good signs already).


I racked my bike and was THRILLED to see a couple of Collective Beat members!


I got my stuff set up (it had been awhile since I had done this! Once I had my transition ready to go, I made my way down to the water. Self seeded swim starts are really awesome.


I had no real issues on the swim and was pleased with my time! On to the bike I went as quickly as I could. I was treated to a surprise as Stuart chased me up to the mount line dressed as a t-rex. Never a dull moment with him.


I pushed on the bike as best I could. I was keeping a fairly constant eye on my 3 second average for my watts and tried to never let the number stay below 140 for long. I was very proud of how a I rode. I was aggressive in the fact that passed more people than I have in the past. I pushed and pushed until the very end of the bike! Lectie was out cheering for her BF who happened to be just behind me for most of the bike. Lucky for me because I had some on course cheering out there!


I rolled into T2 with Stuart yelling my bike split at me. I knew I had given the bike all I had so I was so happy. Unfortunately it was very very very hot and there is essentially no shade on that run course. I took off out of T2 know that the run was going to be a challenge to say the least.


The run is two loops and unfortunately, there was no aid station until just over a mile out of transition. I was dying for cold water!!! I realized right away that my goal for the run was just to only walk the aid stations. I was tired from the ride (yay, that was the goal) but I wasn’t willing to quit. I managed to stick to my plan except for one hill in the second loop.


I knew that if I started walking I would be out there forever and that was not in my plans. This was possibly my second slowest 70.3 run ever but I have never been so proud of a 2:10 ish run! I dug deep for the last mile and managed a bit of a smile at the end.


I was lucky on course to have family and friends cheering for me. My sister and her husband and baby came out as well as a dear online friend who I finally met IRL!


As always, Stuart was out there making me smile and taking care of me. I couldn’t do this without him!


I really enjoyed this course! I would have enjoyed the run (and probably a 70.3 PR) if the weather had been a bit cooler. But, I will definitely look to do this race again! Boulder has a very special place in my heart!

Shout out to a few products that helped me with my day. Coeur Sports seriously makes the best kit hands down! Argon 18 bikes are an absolute dream to ride. Zealios sunscreen is amazing!!!