About Me

30K Coverage 3030 3010 3093   Photographer Chuck Utash  (3)-(ZF-6998-11868-1-002)I work full time on computery stuff.  I am a mom to two boys of my own, as well as two more from my second marriage.  I started running in 2005  to loose some weight.  That led to marathons.  Which led to triathlons.  I have been doing triathlons since the summer of 2010.  I have also picked up trail running and mountain biking to keep things fresh and exciting (as if triathlon isn’t exciting enough!).


@tribeccato on Twitter

The views expressed here on my blog are mine…


  1. Hey-
    Great blog. Honest, open and talks to something you really enjoy. Keep up the great work. We are rocking a trail shoe in Q3 that you might like. Anytime you want to talk shoes and want some honest feedback just let me know.

    Off to St. George tomorrow.

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