Month: January 2019

2018 Recap – 2019 Plans

Well, if Stuart is gonna blog this year, I guess I better do a little as well!

2018 Recap

Quick recap of 2018 with some numbers:

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 11.06.31 AM

Looks like 2018 was my biggest year ever! I am more concerned with my TIME spent training because miles ridden on a bike trainer are not real miles. You can’t use them as  measure of your year (IMHO). Distance from swimming and running are legit, but trainer miles are not real miles (rant over).

2018 was a good year with qualifying for Boston, completing the Boulder 70.3, and finishing my 5th Ironman. I came up short on my goal for Arizona this year but I am still really proud of my race and running my way into 7th. I focused on my races and trained for them. I really resisted the FOMO and did what I needed to do to train for my races.

I took a big break from blogging. I didn’t feel like I had anything important to say. And the stuff I did want to say wouldn’t have been very popular so I just kept my mouth shut.

2019 Plans

2019 is shaping up to be very different than my last couple of years. I am taking a pause from full distance Ironman racing. I need a break from trying to figure out how to punch my ticket to Kona. I am a good athlete, but not that good yet. I need to find my passion for it again, especially the bike. Here is the current schedule/plan for 2019:

  • April- Boston Marathon: 3rd time qualifying so hopefully I will finally get to the start line and finish line!
  • July – Portland Bridge Swim: An 11 mile swim in the Willamette river under the bridges in Portland. Totally excited and petrified at the same time!
  • August – Haute Route Utah: Stuart is an ambassador for them this year so I am gonna give the 3 day event a try!
  • Fall – Marathon maybe…

Personally I am planning on working on the following things (in no particular order):

  • Attack my work proactively, stop procrastinating.
  • Continue to develop my fiber skills. I picked up a loom last year and I really enjoy it!
  • Figure out a long term work situation that is better for me.
  • Work to develop an app I have brewing in my head…
  • Connect more with people IRL rather than via social media. Reduce my SM activity as a whole (she types into her blog and realizes the irony).
  • Support my kids and family as best I can. It isn’t an easy job some days.
  • Have a few more lazy mornings in bed…