And then this happened…

IMG_7912Last Saturday turned out to be a very eventful day. Stuart was riding a local century so I was home with the kids. I planned some cookie making and a trip to the park to keep us all busy for the day. I didn’t feel like unlocking my bike to ride to the park so I took one of the kids scooters. I had never ridden a scooter for more than a couple of meters before this but it was just a means to get to the park instead of walking. While at the park I decided to do one loop around on the scooter. The top of the loop is at the top of a small hill. As I was coming back down I was gathering a lot of speed and I wasn’t sure the best way to stop so I decided to roll into the grass to slow down. Bad idea! The front wheel stopped immediately and I was thrown over right into the ground on my right shoulder. I heard a crack. I thought it was my helmet. In hindsight, I know it wasn’t.

The break didn’t require surgery so I just wave to wait for it to heal. It could take 3-4 weeks before the bones stop shifting. It is turning out to be a much rougher recovery than I expected. My marathon in November is totally out. The next big race I am signed up for is Oceanside 70.3 in early April. I should have enough time to train for that. Worst thing is Stuart will be postponing his Everesting ride. I will not be able to SAG him October 25.

I have to admit, I am not handling this setback very well. I am going stir crazy being stuck in the house so much and being so helpless. I don’t feel like me right now. I am really hoping that after one more week I will feel a bit better and be a bit more independent.

I am trying to keep up my Whole 30 clean eating as best as possible. I would hate to gain the weight back that I lost and also it gives me something to focus on. I admit I haven’t been perfect (I have had a cookie or two over the week) but I have done pretty good otherwise.

I will keep you posted on my progress and recovery but right now I am just trying to end my pity party :-)

Whole 30 Success… and Failure

I did the Whole 30 challenge and it was both a success and a failure. It was a failure because I didn’t make it all 30 days. It wasn’t because I couldn’t have made it all 30 days. Stuart and I ended up going on an impromptu vacation and I really wanted to enjoy it. So all in all I made it 28 days. Except for one mistake where I took a sip of the wrong cup of coffee, I was 100% true to the program.

My goal of the program did not have to do with identifying any food allergies, but instead I wanted to reduce and cut out the unnecessary  sugar in my diet. For that, it was a total success! After abut 2 weeks on the program I no longer wanted sugary processed carbs anymore. And continuing on I don’t plan on bringing them back into my diet.

Weight-wise I dropped around 6 pounds over the 4 weeks. My husband Stuart managed to lose a bit of weight as well. We both got ourselves down to numbers we never thought we could maintain easily. That wasn’t one of the reasons we did Whole 30 but being able to maintain those lower weights was really nice. For doing the long distance events that Stuart and I do, it is really helpful not to carry around 5 extra pounds over the miles.

So now what you may ask. I plan on eating Whole 30 around 90% of the time. I plan to keep excluding bread, pasta, rice, and added sugar as much as possible. I do plan on drinking beer again. That was the one thing I really missed. I picked up the habit of drinking my coffee with coconut cream so I don’t think I will allow much dairy back in my diet. The exception to this will be the occasional cheese and sausage dinner with Stuart.

The challenge takes a lot of planing ahead and you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But it is totally worth it! Getting off the sugar and processed carbs is going to serve me well in the long term. Skinny has felt so much better than cereal tasted!

If you are going to do Whole 30 I highly recommend buying the book. It has a lot of good recipes. I found myself cooking from it 4-8 times per week. I also recommend doing Whole 30 just because it forces you to look at what you are eating and what you are most likely feeding your family. You will be SHOCKED to see how much crap is in our food.

Saucony Ride 8 Shoe Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.31.12 PM

The Saucony Ride 8 falls into the category of a neutral running shoe. I ran for a very long time in a stability shoe but as my running got stronger I felt more comfortable in a neutral shoe. I am not kidding when I tell you I think I ran in 4-6 pairs of the Ride 7s prior to the 8’s. They were a really great shoe for me.

So when the Ride 8s came out I was very excited to try them. I was hoping for a bit more cushion for a smoother run but not at the sake of becoming a big bulky spongy shoe. They nailed it!


Early run in the Ride 8s…these will work nicely!

The Ride 8s provided me with all the support but flexibility my running required. The upper is made of a consistent material, which for me is good. I find that if there are differences in the material of the upper (top of the shoe) it ends up rubbing on my foot differently. I had that experience with the ISO Triumphs. LOVED the shoes and support but the upper just hit me wrong and gave me blisters.

I found the Ride 8s to be a more cushioned run than the Ride 7s but they still allow for more natural foot motion than a stability shoe.

Another thing I love about Saucony in general is their shoes are consistently produced. I know I can start a new pair a week before a big race like and Ironman, and not be concerned that there will be a problem.


Ride 8s serving me well at Ironman Boulder

If you are looking for a solid reliable neutral shoe, give the Ride 8s a ride! They have a great amount of cushion while still allowing your feet to do their job.

Here are some of the details from Saucony’s website:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.30.57 PM

*My first pair of Ride 8s was provided by Saucony but I have purchased more since. I needed the pink pair to match my kit!

Garmin Race Predictor

You may not know this but if you have one of the newer Garmin devices that estimates your VO2Max you also have a race predictor. Apparently, it uses your VO2 Max with your gender and age to predict how you will do at different races. I am currently training for a marathon so I thought it might be interesting to see how accurate this function is. Below is what my crystal ball Garmin 920 is predicting as of today, September 15, 2015:


This is based off my estimated VO2 Max of 46. It will be interesting to see what I actually run in November. The watch has captured a lot of running data so you would think it could be pretty accurate. Do I think I can run 3:36 marathon right now? No. But it is nice to know my watch thinks I can!


35-39 IMSCpodium

IM Santa Cruz 70.3 35-39 Podium

Inspired. That is how I feel lately.  The picture above was posted by Hailey, one of the founders of Coeur Sports and triathlete extraordinaire. She, like many of the Coeur Ambassadors, is going to Kona. I was so lucky and honored to be chosen at the beginning of the year to be in the company of many amazing women. They train their heart out! They believe in themselves! They are proud of their accomplishments! They are amazing!

And they inspire me:

  • to believe in myself
  • to set big goals
  • to work hard
  • to be thankful for success
  • and to learn form any setbacks

When I started in triathlon, I thought that making it to Kona would never be in the cards for me. These ladies make me believe it can be done.

Whole 30 so far…

I started the Whole 30 diet 11 days ago and I have to say, so far so good! The premise of the diet is to remove all possible food allergens and all added sugar from your diet. My goal with the diet was to try and reduce my sugar cravings and crappy food intake! That is happening perfectly! I never knew I get so excited to eat a date bar, fresh fig, or banana!

The diet has also forced me to embrace cooking almost everything; but I am loving it. Things I have cooked/prepared from the book so far:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Clarified butter (lots of it)
  • Ketchup
  • Stuffed roasted peppers
  • Shepherds Pie

My breakfast staple has been scrambled eggs with green chilies and avocado.

I have accepted coffee with full fat coconut cream (I actually like it!).

Only thing I find hard is drinking enough fluids. I am kind of tired of water and you don’t have too many other options (in my opinion).

I did figure out that quality no-sugar added grape juice mixed with coconut water make s good electrolyte drink for running/cycling.

Dessert is a frozen banana blended with some coconut cream and coconut milk…YUMMY!

We have broken one rule and that is we have been weighing ourselves. Stuart is down 5-6 pounds and I am down about 3!

I will share some recipes later but you really should get the book. It is fantastic!

Post Ironman Blues

I had a great plan to keep me focused after Ironman but it is kind of falling apart. The plan was to try to Boston Qualify at a local marathon in November. That would have provided some pretty rigorous but not super time intensive training for the next three months. Well, I am not so sure I will be doing that. I stubbed my toe before Ironman Boulder and it doesn’t want to cooperate just yet. It doesn’t hurt that bad but the day after I ride or run it is pretty swollen. I saw a podiatrist and there isn’t really anything to be done. Just give it a rest and see how it feels. (Funniest finding is that I am actually missing a joint/bone in my little toe!) Every week that ticks by my chance to train for a fast marathon slips away. Boston isn’t that important to me. It was a good goal to keep me focused. Now I am losing focus a little. not to mention I am getting a little bummed.

Top is before, bottom is now.

Top is before, bottom is now.

So I have found something else to do for the month of September to keep my mind off the light volume of training- Whole 30. Essentially I will be cutting out dairy, gluten, added sugar, grains, and soy for 30 days. I don’t think I have any issues or allergies to food but I do have some pretty strong sugar cravings. I am hoping that this strict diet can help reduce my cravings for sugar and carbs. We will see how it goes. I am up for the challenge and I have the time for it as well.

Ironman Boulder 2015 – What’s next?

I had said to myself and Stuart before Ironman Boulder that the race would be a good indicator if my success in Arizona in 2014 was a fluke or can I repeat my performance in Boulder. While I didn’t better my time in Boulder over Arizona I still think it was a solid race and I am getting better. This means that I am still hunting for a spot to Kona. I know that I need to take around 1:30 off my race time and get around 10:30 to have a shot. I know it is the bike where I need to make up the most time. I expect that this might take me 3 years to do it. So with all that in mind, here is my plan for the next 15 months or so.

  1. I am sticking with my coach, Jen. We were going to take a break after Boulder (I did that after Arizona) but can’t imagine not having her involved in the long term goal. She has gotten me further than I ever expected and she believes we can go even further!
  2. I am running a marathon in November where I am hoping to run sub 3:40 so I can qualify for Boston. I feel I need a shorter and faster goal than an Ironman at the moment.
  3. Oceanside 70.3 in April 2016. This was my first 70.3 back in 2011. I honestly chose it because of location. If I want to race a lot I have to choose races that do not involve a lot of travel. I am hoping to go 5:30.
  4. Ironman Boulder August 2016. I LOVED the race and I want to do it again. I know the course so that makes training for it even easier.
  5. Ironman Arizona November 2016. I had originally said I wanted to do Wisconsin in 2016, but when we started pricing out the trip, it just made more sense to do a race that is closer to home. I hope one day to do so other races further away, but this is how it needs to be for now.

I am not signed up for the two full Ironmans at the moment, but I do plan on it. Of course, plans can always change…

Ironman Boulder 2015 Race Report – Gratitude

I have already posted my race report here but because these report tend to get so long I like to do a couple addendums. I spoke if the first report about meeting Siri Lindley and how she spoke about believing in yourself and having gratitude. This post is about the later. I am incredibly thankful to many people in my life for helping me get to and get through race day. I truly don’t think I would be doing this if it was for these people. No particular order.

My Family

They adjust their lives while I am training for a race and I am very grateful for their understanding. My mom helps with the kids and cooks my family dinners every week to lighten my load. My kids have to put themselves to bed some night because I am stuck on the trainer until after their bed times Or the best they get out of me is a goodnight is a sweaty kiss when I tuck them in. There are days on the weekend I am training for 3-7 hours and I am not home to hang with them. I do my best to include them in my training but honestly that is really difficult.

My Sponsors

I have been extremely lucky to have been chosen as a Coeur Sports Ambassador for 2015. They make AMAZING women’s clothing for triathlon, cycling and running. Not to mention adorable t-shirts and hats. I truly think their triathlon shorts are second to none. This was evidenced by the number of women on the Boulder course wearing Coeur kit.  Tons of ladies! Their support has been incredible. I hope they get to see me make it to Kona some day!

Because of my affiliation with Coeur I get support from other companies as well. Specifically I have been been using a lot of Roka products. I love their goggles (the F2’s are my favorites), my sleeveless Maverick Pro wetsuit, and my Viper Elite Swim Skin. They have amazing customer support and makes a solid set of gear.

SBR sports who makes TRI Swim, TRI Slide, Dermasport, and Foggies, have been an amazing sponsor for the last two years. Not only have they kept my hair from turning green and my body smelling like chlorine, but they allow me to see clearly in the pool, avoid chafing in my wetsuit, and have well taken care or skin.

Petal Power is a cream that I use to help keep all my lady bits happy when I spend lots of time on the bike. It can get a bit unhappy down there when you spend hours and hours on your bike. The Joy Ride system combined with the awesome seam free chamois of my Coeur shorts gave me “Peace of Ass” through all my training.

My Triathlon Family

I have amassed a collection of friends over the last few years that have provided me with a constant source of cheering as well as an understanding of why I do this. My family loves me unconditionally but they don’t always understand why I would want to work out for 12-16 hours a week. These people do. They are located all over the world and when we get the chance to meet in person it is like we have always been friends. I am so grateful for these people!

My Coach

Jen from Team One 10 has done an amazing job again. She coached me through Arizona last year and based on the amazing success of that race, that was what lead me to sign up for Boulder and use her coaching again. She does an awesome job structuring a plan that has me constantly improving and feeling like I can make it to Kona. I was already planing the next 15 months with her on my drive home from Boulder. I wouldn’t dream for training for an Ironman without her!


He is my biggest cheerleader. He is my biggest supporter. He is my best friend. He will do everything in his power to help me reach my goals. I wake up everyday and feel lucky that he is in my life. #T3W