Month: April 2012

Week 18 and 19 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Life has been crazy and busy so I have two summaries in this post…

Week 18

Swim : 3 miles / 1:53

Bike: 39 miles / 3:30

Run: 2 mile / 0:20

Total: 44 / 6:48

This was week one of my taper and since I was moving into a new place I really didn’t have too much time to train.  Biggest issue was my running.  After that 16 week run the prior week, I honestly felt like not running at all before the race.  And with my amazing 2 miles of running it looks like I accomplished that.

Week 19

Swim : 4 miles / 2:00

Bike: 34 miles / 2:20

Run: 3 mile / 0:32

Total: 40 / 5:52

I continued to take my taper a little bit too seriously and didn’t work out nearly enough.  At this point I was done.  I didn’t want to train anymore; I just want race day to be here.  I did do an Ironman distance swim on Saturday and felt just fine.  I was about 10 minutes off race pace which seemed very reassuring.

So as race week is here I am just trying to keep my cool.  I have been very calm up until now, but the nerves are setting in.  The hay is in the barn.  There really isn’t anything else I can do affect the outcome on May 5th.  I know physically I have the swim and bike in the bag.  And mentally I am ready for the WHOLE day.  I will finish.  There will be tears (a lot of them and at different points during the day), but I will finish.  I have been thinking about this race for a year and training for it specifically for the last 19 weeks.  At this point all I can do is believe in my strength to get this race done; and I believe in that. (Dammit, I’m crying already!)

Follow me!!!

Race day is here! (OMG)  I wrote this post a few days before the race and scheduled it to post the night before the race.  If you want to follow me here are some ways to do it:

Use the Ironman Live website.  It wont be active until the race has started so if you click through early you might not see anything.

Download the IronTrac app for your iPhone.  It is only $0.99 and it is cool for looking up past results as well.

The race starts at 7:00 AM Mountain Time (Thanks Taryn!).  If all goes well here is what I am kind of expecting to do (but who really know what will happen):

Swim – 75 min (out of water by 8:15 AM)

T1 – 5-10 transition time

Bike – 7- 7:30 (hopefully off the bike by 4:00)

T2 – 5-1o minutes

Run – 5-6 hours (hopefully finish between 9:00 and 10:00 PM

If you use the website they stream the finish so you could possibly see me finish.

My number is #227

*side note- this went up early because I couldn’t wait!…I will repost it Friday…

IronTrac App Review- Stalk me! #227

I got a friend request from someone on Facebook the other day that I accepted and I’m glad I did.  I have really shied away from the use of my Facebook account but this person looked interesting.  They have an app for your iPhone that allows you to track people during an Ironman event and look up past results.  It only costs$0.99 and so far it looks great!  I easily looked up my results from past Ironman events and I bet it will work great on race day for Ironman St. George!

If you have any friend or family doing an Iornman event you should give it a try!  My number is #227 for Ironman St. George.  Stalk me!

ETA in St. George… 7 days!

I am in the home stretch…  I have told a couple people that I am mentally ready for the race and physically ready for the swim and the bike.  The run will be interesting.  Honestly, I am kind of hoping for a miracle to happen so I can run pain free for the marathon.  My PT called my doctor and suggested a cortisone shot so I am going in for X-rays today and then getting referred to orthopedics.  But what I am really hoping for is the adrenaline to kick in and push me through the run.

Regardless, I am looking forward to race day.  I can’t wait to do an event this HOOJ! It has been a very long process getting ready for this race.  I have been planing on doing it for over a year and have been training specifically for it for the last 20 weeks.

I am prolly taking my taper a little too seriously because I haven’t been doing much of anything and that is starting to freak me out a little…  Life has been extra hectic and crazy but things are lining up just right.  Things are gonna be really good, really soon… REALLY!

I am 11 days out so this post seemed very appropriate…thanks Jenn! I will be thinking about you on race day!




Folks there are a lot of us racing lately. Things are gettin’ kinnda crazy out there as we all enter into the deep, dark realm of tapering.

Tapering effects each and every one of us differently. For some it borders on a pathologic illness.

I’ve been told, by some, that I sometimes fall a tad on the pathologic side.

How about you? A bit neurotic when it comes time to reduce the volume of your workouts?

How can you tell if your “that” kind of athlete, you ask?

Well, luckily I had some free time on my hands and did a bit of research this afternoon.

Here are a few tell-tale signs of an individual who could be diagnosed with Taper Madness:

  • Out of Control Phobia of Germs.  Even if you have never been a self proclaimed germ phobe before your taper, you find that your eye sight is accurate enough to now see possible viral and…

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Confession: I have worn the same pair of socks several times without washing them. Why would I commit this laundry sin? For the sake of the Ironman, of course – the motive of 99.9% of all my actions in life right now.

When I was first introduced to my snug socks after I purchased them at the Surf City Marathon expo, it was love at first sight. Although the price tag of $50 made me grimace (do triathlon related expenses EVER end?), my 2XU recovery compression socks enveloped my tired legs in some sort of amazing compression hug. I had heard a lot of positive things about compression socks and their ability to reduce recovery time and produce refreshed, invigorated legs ready to take on the next training session, and once the salesperson talked to me (ok maybe just looked at me), I was sold.

Lately I’ve been wearing my compression socks…

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Week 17 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 2 miles / 0:57

Bike: 82 miles / 5:49

Run: 23 mile /4:28

Total: 107/12:49

This should have been my last peak week and I was well on track to have a big week until the weekend came around.  I had a 16 mile run in my plan and was really hoping it wold go well.  The half marathon the week before was so-s0 and I really needed to have a good run for my on peace of mind.  Well, despite my best effort to run/walk it I ended up pretty much walking the last 3 miles.  I ended up with a very swollen knee.  It was so angry that the next day I cut my ride short and only did 70 miles.  Nothing to be gained at this point and if I blow up completely with three weeks to go that would be bad!

Emotionally and mentally I  am done with training.  I don’t want to do anything.  I want the race to be here and I will just muscle my way through it no matter how much it hurts.  I know I will finish the Ironman.  I have to believe that I will find the strength and endurance to get it done on May 5th; because based on how my body is preforming on the run it is a little scary.  I need a break.  I need a vacation.  I need a warm beach with a hammock… Soon!