Month: July 2017

FOMO – it is real

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I would be lying if I said I had never signed up for a race because of this. I am trying to figure out my schedule for 2018 (yep, already working on that) and I am being very cautious to pick races that work for ME and MY situation; not because it is a “cool” race or I know a lot of people racing it. It looks like I will return to a familiar race in 2018 most likely, IM Arizona for a 3rd time. I know the race, I like the race, it is a very affordable option for us, and it gives me extra time to get backĀ  to where I was before this calf injury.

I haven’t had much to say recently since I am still trying to get back to running. I did start back up with my coach, Jen, this month so that is great. We took a break while I was doing all the PT and couldn’t really stick to a plan. I am so happy to be turning my boxes green in Training Peaks again! Also, I ran yesterday! While it was only 1 mile of running over alternating 0.1 mile run/walk intervals I am over the moon! The real test is if I am progressing through the back to running plan over the next three weeks. I am not counting any chickens just yet!

Otherwise I did take a fun trip to Utah to support Stuart at the Crusher in the Tushar bike race. I managed to get a fun bike ride in up Snow Canyon and a nice swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir. (St. George in 2018…maybe) Only bummer was the AWFUL case of Swimmer’s Itch. Below are some pictures from our trip.