Blazing New Trails

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.32.31 PMSunday I set out for my long run by myself. Stuart and I are trying to do our long weekend runs together but because of kids schedules we had to divide and concur instead. I have been struggling with the end of Triathlon season so I really wanted to run something I had never run before. We are super lucky to have moved into an area that backs right up to some pretty decent trails. We have run a lot of the trails close to our house but never all the way over to another local area we like to run, Cheseboro Canyon. We  knew the two systems joined up pretty easily but we had never run them end to end.  I spent time examining the maps of the two areas to make sure I knew what I was doing. I was going to run a section I had never run before and I really didn’t want to get lost.


It took my just under 6 miles to get to the turn off into China Flats. Once I got there I ran around lost for about a mile until I found the right trail. I had no cell reception and was doing my best to figure it out. Once I finally got my bearings and found my way to the trail I was familiar with I was elated. The best part of the run was the fact that I RAN the whole thing! This was my first substantial workout since Ironman Arizona. I was determined to run the whole darn thing!

With about 3 miles to go the wheels starting falling the bus. I was developing a nasty side stitch from all the downhill pounding and had to walk a couple times. The goal for the day was 12 miles and with my one mile of lost running I ended up with 13.6 miles plus a load of my confidence back! Click here for the Garmin data (I forgot my HR strap). Stuart and his boys picked me up from the parking lot with a CarboRocket recovery shake waiting and all was right in the world!

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