Ironman Arizona 2016 Race Report – Gear List

Race reports can get very long so I like to break out some of the details into separate posts. This post will serve as a list of all the gear I used for the race this year.


Photo by Mariel Calloway

For the swim I used:

Everything worked great! It is super important to test out all the kit together before the race to avoid any possible chaffing issues. It is also key to wear your wetsuit a few times right before the race especially if you don’t wear it often! Also, using Tri Slide liberally on my arms and legs really helped with my movement in my wetsuit. Thanks Mariel for the awesome picture!


For the bike I used:

  • 2014 Argon 18 E-118 bike with full Dura Ace Di2. 52 X 36 on the front and 11 X 28 on the back
  • Dura Ace C50 wheels
  • Giro Air Attack helmet
  • Coeur one piece speed suit

I found that I ran out of gears on the downhill and spent most of my day in the big ring. Getting stronger on the bike! The bike was amazing!! This bike is so stable and solid. It performed perfectly all day. The best thing about this bike is how it rides in the wind. It was quite windy on course but this bike cuts through the wind perfectly. I just hunkered down in aero and pedaled. It was perfect!


On the run I used:

My kit worked perfect for me all day long. Many people were skeptical of how doing a full Ironman in a one piece kit would go. It was perfect. The kit was amazing! One thing I did different in this race was I peed on myself during the run. That may be a bit TMI for you but it is important to understand I didn’t need to take off the suit during the whole race. As a result I did smell like a potty-training toddler by the end of the day and I did throw my shoes away after the race. Other than that, it was great! I didn’t want to sit down anyway!

One other new thing I have worked into my running lately is I have been lubing my toes before I run with Rocket Pure Friction Therapy Anti Chafe Balm. It has worked really well for keeping me from getting blisters between my toes. I am just sorry I didn’t start this practice earlier!


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