There are no shortcuts…


..and that is what makes it worthwhile!

I had a quick conversation with a friend online the other day and she said “there are no shortcuts”. This really struck a chord with me. I see a lot of people who just aren’t willing to work for their goals. Its gets tough, and people come up with all kinds of excuses why they couldn’t do it. They want a shortcut, an easy road. I have learned over the last 3 years of structured training, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS! (sorry for yelling) But that is what makes it totally worthwhile and so satisfying!

This year I am tackling every aspect of training I can. Building strength is something I think I really need to do. I have been making a huge effort not to skip my strength and core  sessions (like I may have done in the past). Lucky for me, my coach Jen is giving me the tools to succeed with this one! Short, to the point videos, of what I need to do.


I can feel them working for me and I like the changes I see in my body. No shortcuts people! JUST HARD WORK! (promise I won’t yell any more)


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