Ironman Boulder 2015 – What’s next?

I had said to myself and Stuart before Ironman Boulder that the race would be a good indicator if my success in Arizona in 2014 was a fluke or can I repeat my performance in Boulder. While I didn’t better my time in Boulder over Arizona I still think it was a solid race and I am getting better. This means that I am still hunting for a spot to Kona. I know that I need to take around 1:30 off my race time and get around 10:30 to have a shot. I know it is the bike where I need to make up the most time. I expect that this might take me 3 years to do it. So with all that in mind, here is my plan for the next 15 months or so.

  1. I am sticking with my coach, Jen. We were going to take a break after Boulder (I did that after Arizona) but can’t imagine not having her involved in the long term goal. She has gotten me further than I ever expected and she believes we can go even further!
  2. I am running a marathon in November where I am hoping to run sub 3:40 so I can qualify for Boston. I feel I need a shorter and faster goal than an Ironman at the moment.
  3. Oceanside 70.3 in April 2016. This was my first 70.3 back in 2011. I honestly chose it because of location. If I want to race a lot I have to choose races that do not involve a lot of travel. I am hoping to go 5:30.
  4. Ironman Boulder August 2016. I LOVED the race and I want to do it again. I know the course so that makes training for it even easier.
  5. Ironman Arizona November 2016. I had originally said I wanted to do Wisconsin in 2016, but when we started pricing out the trip, it just made more sense to do a race that is closer to home. I hope one day to do so other races further away, but this is how it needs to be for now.

I am not signed up for the two full Ironmans at the moment, but I do plan on it. Of course, plans can always change…

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