The Sufferfest ISLAGIATT Review


Nobody really wants to ride on the trainer.  We all want to ride outside.  But sometimes you have no choice.  And sometimes not only do you need to ride on a trainer, you also need to do a long(er) ride on it.  Enter in ISLAGIATT (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time).  This workout is long and hard (TWSS).  But it really makes the time fly by.

The premise of the workout is you are competing in a race for the most aggressive rider award.  The footage is from the 2013 Giro d’Italia, you know the one where it was snowing?!?! In 2 hours you are taken on 4 climbs and one run into the finish.  One thing that is different is that instead of having rest periods after you climb you have descents. So even though the period is less intense it is still very structured so you never really get a break. Can you say “Extra Suffering for Free”?

The footage is amazing! You have never seen a race like this and once again you feel like you are right in the mix.  They have created a great story and excellent characters that you are racing against.  It really helps the time go by.  They are long intervals as you climb but the action is non-stop and you want to win so you never let up.

The music is pretty good.  I have a preference for music with words (helps me focus) and this Sufferfest has a fair amount of music like that.  There are a few techno/trance songs that don’t have words but that isn’t the overall feel.  I find myself drawn to some Sufferfest because of the soundtrack.  It is something that helps motivate me on the trainer. This one works for me.

Now, 2 hours on a trainer can be brutal.  But they got the mix right in this workout.  You change your cadence, RPE, and position enough that you don’t get bored or uncomfortable.  The only discomfort come from climbing a volcano (you will see what I mean).

Once again, this ride is a hit.  Well worth the $14.99 and well worth your time. Below are the graphs from my ride and here is a link to my Garmin data.  #HailSufferlandria


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